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My childhood memories of growing up in Iran are filled with 

 magnificent food and exceptional flavour experiences. Lavish arrangements of exquisite fruits, heavenly sweets and seasonal pastries were the prevailing custom. Our own famous brand of confections produced for nearly 100 years led to an everlasting endeavour for the finest available ingredients. Family trips to meet with artisanal producers and farmers for the procurement of prestigious ingredients such as pistachios, saffron and rosewater were lessons in appreciation of taste profiles.

These memories were my inspiration in creating Pariya.

My collection offers raw materials that are staples of traditional Persian cuisine as well as my own signature recipes, created with love and meticulous passion.

Throughout the years, I have endeavoured to be fiercely original and committed to innovation with grace and integrity. My goal is to provide exceptional flavour experiences and unforgettable moments of joy.

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